IITN Welcomes You Back

Welcome back to the International Information Telegraph Network. Whether you are reading this directly on a viewscreen or your domestic android has transcribed the message, we apologise for the extended interruption of distribution. Here at the IITN Service Bureau, we take the security and integrity of service seriously. It is integral to the commercial and cultural interests of the Empire that communication to her citizens remain unimpeded.

… and Begs Your Patience

Separatist attacks meant to target the Royal News Agency crippled the London central switching hub. Repairs have only been completed in the past fortnight.

We took this opportunity to update the appearance and function of the service itself. Archives are available once again. However, regular updates are suspended until such time as the damage can be fully assessed and rectified.

Rest assured, the separatists shall not prevail. We expect that by Christmas of this year the IITN will be restored to its full stature. Until then, we shall remain vigilant against further treason as we progress toward that goal.

May God bless our Queen and her glorious Empire.

Postscript: a Word from Matt

In other words, dear readers, the core rules for PAX BRITANNICA are back where they belong, "free, online, forever".

Additionally, I'm planning on putting together an apparatus that will deliver regular content updates. The blog posts announcing them will be styled as narrative posts from entities in the world of PAX BRITANNICA, and the accompanying rules information will be compiled in an ever-growing archive of adventures, encounters, systems, antagonists, equipment, and abilities.

The full details will become available in late December of this year, 2016. Until then, I have some work to attend to on less visible aspects of the project while making arrangements that allow me the time to provide new content each week and ensure e.g. secure, uninterrupted hosting.

Until then I remain yours faithfully,

-Matthew Abbott

Founder and CEO, Abbott Games, LLC
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