Big Jack — Quickstart Character

Big Jack is one of the five crew members of the H.M.A.S. Starling, an independent airship the crew of which travels from contract to contract trying to make ends meet on their own terms.

This group of adventurers will be presented as quickstart characters, each presented with information about their backgrounds, functions, and personalities as well as corresponding character sheets. This allows players to jump directly into the action without going through the entire character creation process.

Big Jack

Jacob “Big Jack” Smiley is big. He is really, truly, tremendously big. He is not a gentle giant.

Big Jack having a think.

He used his size to get into and out of trouble, to start and end fights, growing up in the streets of Boston. Now, he uses his street fighting chops and physical advantages to protect the crew of the H.M.A.S. Starling.

Despite his grousing, he implicitly trusts Captain Ross, questioning her commands but always obeying and enforcing them. He fights unarmed as a matter of pride, but is anything but an honorable combatant. He is anything but above a cheap shot. He is covered in scars, which interrupt his short hair and long sideburns in uneven gashes.

Big Jack persuading a reluctant confidant to provide some useful information.

Starting skills: one tier each Bulk Training, Street Fighting, Obedience, and Endurance.

A completed Big Jack character sheet is available to view, print, and download.