Captain Ross — Quickstart Character

Captain Ross is one of the five crew members of the H.M.A.S. Starling, an independent airship the crew of which travels from contract to contract trying to make ends meet on their own terms.

This group of adventurers will be presented as quickstart characters, each presented with information about their backgrounds, functions, and personalities as well as corresponding character sheets. This allows players to jump directly into the action without going through the entire character creation process.

Captain Ross

Captain Henrietta Ross, born Wilhelmina Antoinette Bierce, is a disgraced noblewoman and heiress who has chosen to use the last of her wealth to establish an independent contracting company aboard her airship, the H.M.A.S. Starling.

She is a strong-willed leader who expects and accepts nothing less than total obedience; or, at least, that’s how she tells it. Her bravado is matched only by her tenacity. Though she rarely thinks through a plan in advance, she acts as though every move is part of her grand scheme. In reality, her on-the-fly style often results in success nonetheless, especially in situations that demand improvisation.

Captain Ross wielding an experimental electric baton, pilfered during one of her later adventures.

After her early career as a smuggler, Captain Ross leveraged her family name for a clean slate and a chance at a new life. As she begins her career as the leader of a crew of independent transport and odd job contractors, she is tactically adept despite her lack of experience. She is never seen without an antiquated captain’s jacket, knee-high leather boots, and a large, feathered hat. Her equipment bears several useful enchantments, purchased when her noble connections could still be leveraged to acquire binding services.

Starting skills: one tier each Athletics, Leadership, and Persuasion.

A completed Captain Ross character sheet is available to view, print, and download.

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