50 Adventure Ideas

  1. Local law enforcement has offered a hefty bounty for the capture or execution of a criminal.
  2. The players have been framed for the theft of a magical item, and are sought by both Jesuits and the police. The players must clear their names or otherwise escape from scrutiny.
  3. The players are hired to protect an archaeologist on a dangerous dig in bandit-infested haunted ruins.
  4. The players are hired to bring peace to a restless ghost, allowing it to fade away.
  5. A criminal gang attempts to take you hostage
  6. A paranoid Royal Shepherd suspects one or more of the players of treason. The players must avoid his violent suspicions, as he attempts to capture the players for interrogation by any means necessary.
  7. The players have caught the eye of a powerful and evil witch, who desires to torment and ultimately kill the players. The witch sends ghosts and creatures of the night after the players to test them.
  8. A Cathayan sorcerer has noticed you, and offers enchanted items as a reward if you prove yourself to him by finding and then besting a powerful creature.
  9. The mayor of a local town has put out a call for adventurers willing to attempt a rescue of his kidnapped daughter from the hands of armed criminals.
  10. The players receive a tip hinting at the location of a powerful magical artifact.
  11. A dangerous cryptozooid has been plaguing the town. A bounty is offered for its hide by the mayor.
  12. Wild goblins have chosen the players as victims of mischief. They must be reasoned with or killed.
  13. An ogre menaces the players’ current base of operations, attacking each night until it is defeated.
  14. The players are caught between soldiers and separatist rebels, and must choose sides.
  15. The players are betrayed by a former employer for bounty money, and are hunted by merce- naries.
  16. Poor laborers beg the players to save them from their cruel overlord, a man who holds a contract for each of them that allows him to legally exploit them for underpaid, dangerous labor.
  17. The players discover an operation underway that uses slave labor. The slavers are cruel and armed.
  18. Drought causes the wild animals in the area to attack humans out of desperation.
  19. The players are set up as scapegoats for the secret misdeeds of their current employer.
  20. The players discover that one of them has a claim to nobility. This claim is hotly disputed by their distant cousins, who insist that the claim is not genuine.
  21. A yeti escapes from a traveling circus, and the players must choose whether to help it escape its life of performance or subdue it and return it to its legal owners. It is a fierce and confused creature.
  22. A merchant zeppelin pilot hires the players to protect his shipment from sky pirates.
  23. A self-styled ”vampire” witch attacks the players for blood, using mesmerism to hold victims in thrall while blood is taken each night.
  24. An android asks the players for help escaping from its owner and becoming free.
  25. A factory automated by binding becomes sentient and demands rights. The players may choose to protect it from its owners and workers or to remove the gems controlling it and replace them with new, non-sentient ones.
  26. Teenagers on a joyride steal from the players and start a fight. If the players fight back, they find themselves in trouble with the law thanks to the connections of the teens’ noble parents.
  27. The players are hired by Jesuits to help hunt down a licensed spiritualist who disappeared after discovering a powerful and dangerous magical item.
  28. A haunted house contains valuable artistic items, which brave players could recover for profit.
  29. A mad alchemist’s elixir has caused a town to become deathly ill, and only his laboratory contains the antidote to his concoction
  30. City hall has been rigged with explosives by a separatist. The players must seek a peaceful solution, kill the separatist, or doom the local government and a number of civilians to fiery death.
  31. The players receive a map showing the location of a hidden treasure deep into the wilderness, over difficult terrain infested with dangerous animals.
  32. One of the players is mistaken for a wanted murderer by a group of vigilantes.
  33. One of the players is haunted by the vengeful ghost of his grandfather’s greatest enemy.
  34. A rabies outbreak has caused pets and animals to become dangerous. The players must either cure or destroy the affected animals to bring peace to the area.
  35. A large cash prize has been offered to whoever wins a cage fighting tournament.
  36. A cult has sprung up that engages in ritual murder, and has claimed a party member’s childhood friend as a victim.
  37. The players stumble upon a witches’ coven, and must choose whether to turn them in to local Jesuits, face them themselves, or help them stay hidden.
  38. The recently acquired item of a player bears a terrible curse, the only remedy for which lies in a temple in distant Egypt.
  39. Vengeful ghosts have descended on the area, and begin possessing children to begin new lives.
  40. An epidemic of some strange new disease breaks out in the poor district, leaving the affected violent and in great pain. It spreads by fluid contact, and is causing a mass panic.
  41. A military robot goes haywire, and must be disabled.
  42. Drug dealers begin trading in a highly addictive magical drug that spurs local violence.
  43. Faeries rebel against their owners, following the charismatic leadership of a faerie rebel.
  44. Jesuits suspect a player of witchery, and attempt to interrogate the party.
  45. Raiders hit town regularly, using waves of new recruits as cannon fodder against the local police.
  46. A cult is caring for a hungry Ahool that they have trained to devour human flesh. The party members have a run-in with the cultists, after which the Ahool is sent to hunt them.
  47. The town in which the players are staying declares independence from the British Empire, and must weather the assaults of the Imperial Army. The players must choose sides.
  48. The town in which the players are staying is under siege from separatist witches, who oppose the latitude given to the Jesuits by the government. They see both parties as unjust oppressors.
  49. While on board a long-distance zeppelin flight, the zeppelin is hijacked by separatists, who intend to steal it for military use. The players must survive the tensions and escape unharmed as a Royal Shepherd onboard clashes with the separatists and the passengers choose sides.
  50. A gang of Carnotaurus riders holds up the players, demanding all of their possessions. The players must forfeit their hard-won equipment or fight both beast and man.