Abilities are specific progressions of skill that require special training or experience to develop. They provide the character with the ability to perform actions not possible in the real world. If a character wishes to attempt an action, and it is deemed impossible or improbably difficult to be able to perform the action without special training, an ability is required to do so. The list below is not exhaustive, and if a player wishes to create a new ability progression, they may work with the Narrator to do so, given the Narrator’s permission.

When creating a character, the character receives first-tier skill in two abilities from their profession, and then may select one other ability in which to have received first-tier training, or skip choosing a third ability and instead increase one of the two profession abilities to the second tier. A player should keep in mind that they may take no ability that their character does not have access to learning – if stranded in the wilderness, they will not spontaneously develop electrical engineering unless stranded with a trained electrical engineer and sufficient equipment to practice. Generally speaking, Mind and Spirit abilities require a teacher to learn, whereas Body abilities may be picked up spontaneously.

The abilities are broken down into the same three categories as the malleable traits, Body, Spirit, and Mind, with the addition of the Martial category.

Body abilities are improvements to the physical being of the character.

Spirit abilities are the application of spiritual energy to create a manifest effect. Users of IMEMs are strictly policed by the Jesuit order on behalf of the British government.

Mind abilities are academic disciplines and learned techniques that rely on the application of intellect to a problem. They are widely varied in their type and use.

Martial abilities represent schools of combat that are reliant on a hybrid of the three, and require a trainer or equivalent experience to develop. Progressing along the path of combat provides immediate benefit to those often caught in confrontations.

Bonuses listed are cumulative unless otherwise specified (i.e. your total modifier to resist poisoning at tier 3 immunity is +3). When a fourth or third tier is not listed, it means that mastery occurs at a lower tier.