Mind Abilities


Alchemy is the science of the chemistry of herbs, metals, and diverse substances, to wondrous effects.

  • First Tier: Allows you to attempt to create alchemical concoctions.
  • Second Tier: +1 on all alchemy rolls.
  • Third Tier: +1 on all alchemy rolls, +1 to resist poison and alchemical dangers.
  • Fourth Tier: You may invent your own alchemical recipes, with the moderation of the Narrator.


Business is the application of common sense, experience, and light mathematics to the problem of maximizing personal profit. It is the art of negotiation, buying, selling, and haggling.

  • First Tier: You gain a +1 modifier on rolls to appraise, haggle, or negotiate price or terms of an agreement.
  • Second Tier: Eye for a Deal. On a successful perception roll, you may spot any flaws with an item or offer under your scrutiny that are not intentionally hidden. Those flaws must be found by a roll of your perception against the other party’s guile. +1 on all business rolls.
  • Third Tier: Skillful Negotiation. On a successful roll of your guile against the other party’s perception, you may place a clause into a contract or agreement without the other party’s notice of its implication. These clauses can include: the other party owing you up to 50
  • Fourth Tier: The Pound, the Universal Language. In any city or town or roadside anywhere in the world, so long as there are people, you can make some money. If you spend twenty-four hours you may automatically gain: £5 on a roadside, £15 in a small village, or £80 in a city, unless the story does not allow it or the Narrator assesses that the area does not have sufficient money to provide you with the modest income. This ability may be repeated indefinitely unless the people of the area run out of money they will willingly part with.


Clockwork has been perfected of late, allowing vast increases in the efficiency and complexity of drive mechanisms, motors, and the articulation of devices.

  • First Tier: Allows you to attempt to craft devices requiring clockwork.
  • Second Tier: +1 on all clockwork crafting rolls.
  • Third Tier: +1 on all clockwork crafting rolls. You may design custom devices, with the moderation of the Narrator, for your use.
  • Fourth Tier: Automatic success on all clockwork crafting rolls.


Demolitions are a perennial need in civic development, mining, and warfare. The creation and use of explosives are dangerous in the extreme, but often the reward is worth the risk.

  • First Tier: You have learned to craft simple explosives. On a successful intellect roll and at a cost of £50, you may create a crude explosive. For £150, the intellect roll may be used to create grenades or demolition charges. For a mere £5 with which to purchase cheap spirits and a little petroleum (for a longer burn), a Molotov Cocktail may be created.
  • Second Tier: Rolls for the creation and use of explosives are taken at +2, and a successful intel- lect roll and £25 may be used to create a radio detonator, allowing charges to be detonated from a range of up to one mile.
  • Third Tier: Automatic success is garnered for demolitions crafting and the setting of charges to demolish a building or breach a barrier. Other use still requires normal rolling. Crafted demolitions may be incendiary, adding a lingering fire to the explosion, or high explosive, adding ten feet of blast area.
  • Fourth Tier: Improvisation. Crafting materials do not require a supply of chemicals so long as household items can be acquired, and the cost of all demolitions is halved.

Engineering – Combustion

Combustion engineering is a dangerous prospect, ever at risk of combustion explosion, but this does not deter some young idealists and theoreticians from pursuing the fiery science.

  • First Tier: My Own Recipe. You may attempt rolls to create combustion fuel and combustion devices. Combustion fuel may be created by alchemy even without this skill, and only alchemists can create Deep Black Special Reserve Combustible, the recipe of Luke Bristle, the famous rocketeer.
  • Second Tier: +1 on all combustion engineering crafting and use rolls.
  • Third Tier: I Think I See the Problem Right Here. +1 on all crafting, repair, and use rolls and +1 on all rolls made to avoid the negative consequences of a combustion engineering accident.
  • Fourth Tier: I’ll Just be a Second. Repair rolls may now be attempted during action, and while running, driving, or generally taking any action that leaves a hand free. These rolls last two rounds and all actions taken while making repairs are rolled at -3.

Engineering – Electrical

Electrical engineering is the art of Tesla and his students, and his many colleagues and co-researchers around the world. It is the science of the transit and application of electrical power.

  • First Tier: Allows you to attempt electrical engineering rolls, and to make voltaic cells. (Cells may also be made by alchemists, or a Binding done to produce voltage can be substituted for voltaic cells in a given piece of technology.)
  • Second Tier: +1 on all electrical engineering rolls for crafting and use.
  • Third Tier: Specialization. You must choose either computational engines, electrical projection devices, or ”miracle” devices. In this specialization, you gain automatic success on all crafting rolls.
  • Fourth Tier: You may have either a second specialization OR you may invent custom steam devices, with the moderation of the Narrator, within your specialization.

Engineering – Steam

Steam engineering is the noble and respected tradition that makes all of the world’s travel, milling, power, and automata possible. It is fairly safe, relatively compact, and extremely efficient.

  • First Tier: Allows you to attempt steam engineering rolls and to make enriched peat (herbalists may also make enriched peat).
  • Second Tier: +1 on all steam engineering rolls for crafting and use.
  • Third Tier: Specialization. You must choose either automata, transport, or powered tools. Within your chosen field, you gain automatic success on all crafting rolls.
  • Fourth Tier: You may have either a second specialization OR you may invent custom steam devices, with the moderation of the Narrator, within your specialization.


Herbalism is the knowledge of herbs: their procurement, their use, and their cultivation. Since the deciphering of the Voynich manuscript, this has become a powerful profession indeed.

  • First Tier: Allows you to roll intellect to identify the effect of a Voynichian herb, and to roll perception to locate an ingredient when in an area likely to contain it. Such a search requires one hour.
  • Second Tier: +1 on all herbalism rolls, including those to use the herbs.
  • Third Tier: Master of Herbs. Herbalism rolls used to locate an ingredient require one half-hour rather than an hour.


Investigation is the bread and butter of lawmen everywhere, but may be found useful to trackers, adventurers, and even thieves. Study has taught you how to spot what in a room is out of the ordinary, and to draw conclusions based on the evidence at hand.

  • First Tier: You gain +1 when trying to notice things out of the ordinary or track the movements of a person or animal. You also gain +1 when attempting to glean information from a source by questioning.
  • Second Tier: You have a knack for spotting clues: you gain +2 when searching for anything or tracking anything, and the Narrator will tell you details of a scene that others would miss.
  • Third Tier: Nothing that is out of place escapes your attention. You have automatic success when trying to spot clues.

Keen Senses

Keen senses are vital to the adventurer. Being alert to the situation transpiring around oneself is the surest way to avoid being caught in an inescapable difficulty. To this end, one may learn to be alert at all times and to key on sensory cues allowing the location of quiet, small, or hidden persons or objects.

  • First Tier:  +1 modifier on all rolls to perceive by sight.
  • Second Tier: +1 modifier on all rolls to perceive by sight or sound.
  • Third Tier: You may make one perception-based roll each round of combat as a free action whenever you can take either a combat action or a reflexive action.
  • Fourth Tier: +2 modifier on all rolls to perceive by any sense.


Knowledge is the accumulation of information. Scholars devour books hungrily, listen to retold accounts carefully, and commit every scrap of precious knowledge to memory. Having a broad base of knowledge assists the intelligent in every endeavor, as they recall the advice of their betters throughout history when attempting any task.

  • First Tier: You are aware of many things, and your character has full knowledge of all commonly known facts. You know the geography, history, politics, and languages of the world. To see if you know a particular fact, roll intellect +3 (as opposed to the usual intellect). Also, you know two languages other than those known due to the circumstances of your birth.
  • Second Tier: You are an expert in many fields. On all mind rolls, you gain a +1 modifier.
  • Third Tier: Well-read. You have learned the theoretical bases of all of the known methods of combat, manufacture, science, and spirit. Whenever any ability is used, you are able to discern its means and methods, though unable to reproduce them. Additionally, you gain +1 on mind and spirit rolls.
  • Fourth Tier: Expertise. Having studied every text on the subject known to man, you may gain +1 on rolls in any three areas of specialization (such as an ability, a weapon, or an action).


Larceny is the blanket term for the skills involved in the act of theft. It is the ability to bypass security and to remove valuables, as can be learned only in the commission of activities outside the law.

  • First Tier: When attempting to pick a lock, disable a camera, pick a pocket, plant an object on a person, or disarm a trap, you gain a +1 modifier.
  • Second Tier: You gain an additional +1 modifier on all larceny-affected rolls.
  • Third Tier: You have mastered security systems, and gain automatic success to bypass all com- mon locks and camera systems. Uncommon locks, like vault doors and keypads, still require a roll, which you take at an additional +1. You may take automatic success on picking a pocket as long as you are not observed by the target while attempting to do so.


Leadership urges the common man onward, gives direction to underlings, and brings followers to your banner. No man may stand alone, and many have found it best to have others stand for… er… with them.

  • First Tier: +1 on all rolls to impress, intimidate, or command.
  • Second Tier: Bold Strategy. When following your orders, all underlings gain +1 on all of their rolls. This does not affect player characters.
  • Third Tier: +1 on all rolls to lead, plan, command, intimidate, or gather followers to your cause.
  • Fourth Tier: Whenever in a city of sufficient size, you may take 24 hours to gather followers and take automatic success. The Narrator will assign you one to three followers from that city and tell you their reason for joining you, and they will loyally follow you as long as you can convince them to do so.


Medicine has been taken to new heights of efficacy with the late developments in herbalism and the surgical sciences. What once would have been impossible is now commonplace. Medicine makes use of medical equipment devised by modern science, which can often be quite expensive.

  • First Tier: Allows you to make rolls to attend the wounded and sick. On a successful intellect roll, you identify what course of treatment is needed, allowing you to take a motor skills roll to correct the injury or ailment. This negates the effects of disease or lingering poison or restores one damage level over a two-hour period, to a maximum of three damage levels each day (instead of the usual one) per patient. Requires the possession of a scalpel, a medkit, and an oscillospectrostethoscope, costing a combined £1,925.
  • Second Tier: +1 on all medical rolls. You may reattach limbs while restoring damage levels, given a needle and thread and Dr. Hebride’s Miracle Attachment Balm, costing £50 a jar (one jar per limb, a quarter jar for a hand or foot, a tiny amount per finger or toe).
  • Third Tier: He’s Not Quite Dead Yet. You may restore a patient from 0 damage levels to 1 damage level if you are able to fix any mechanical injuries that prevent reanimation (such as decapitation). If the brain is destroyed, this is impossible. To repair internal organs, a medicine check at -3 must be passed. Also, a Tesla Bioelectrical Inductor Array is required for the operation, costing £1,625 and £180 per battery pack, one of which is used in each revival. The operation takes 24 hours.
  • Fourth Tier: +1 on all medical rolls, and you may revive a partially disintegrated patient so long as more than half the brain is intact and prostheses can be procured in the form of a ”talking jar” or, given the assistance of an Engineer, an automaton, which will be detailed under in the equipment section. This operation takes a week and is rolled at -3, which must be passed once a day or the operation must begin anew.


Obedience is an undervalued skill: the ability to quickly and effectively enact orders and the expe- rience to survive in an underling/overlord relationship are rarer and more difficult than most guess. A squadron needs only one leader, but it needs dozens of obedient soldiers.

  • First Tier: +1 modifier on all rolls when following instructions literally.
  • Second Tier: After years of working for ungrateful overlords, you have become an expert at deflecting unwarranted blame and anger. You receive +2 on rolls to convince another of your innocence, disassociate yourself from a failure, or otherwise evade wrath and maintain yourself in a leader’s good graces. You further may attempt to gain the trust of a new master at +1.
  • Third Tier: You are adept at taking complex orders, and can use your reflexive action to carry out instructions given by another character if that character is speaking as a combat action to outline the plan. This must occur as the instructions are being given, and cannot be held or delayed for later use.


Persuasion is the art of rhetoric and expression that brings the listener to the speaker’s opinion. Many wars have been avoided – or begun – thanks to a little persuasion.

  • First Tier: +1 on all rolls to convince or persuade.
  • Second Tier: Very persuasive. +1 on all rolls to convince or persuade.
  • Third Tier: Hostile Audience Handling. Negative modifiers to persuasion rolls resulting from an audience’s innate dislike of the speaker are negated if the dice show 7 or higher.
  • Fourth Tier: Ice Salesman of the Arctic. You may persuade a target of anything, no matter how absurd, as long as the roll is a success. +1 on all rolls to persuade or convince.

Quick Thinking

Quick thinking is a skill vital to success in dramatic situations. The ability to plan and react on the fly is often the difference between success and failure, in nearly any endeavor.

  • First Tier: Speaking and responding no longer count as actions for the purposes of determining multitasking penalties to rolls.
  • Second Tier: You may select one action that requires planning (such as activating one type of complicated machinery or using one Spirit ability) that may now be used as a reflexive action. Which action is to be used in this way must be determined and announced to the narrator before a combat situation develops, or be changed by taking a combat action to plan during combat.
  • Third Tier: You may now take two reflexive actions instead of one during each round of combat.
  • Fourth Tier: You may now take any action that can be used as a combat action as a reflexive action, except Spirit abilities.


Stealth is a study of the methods by which one avoids notice that is a constant necessity in dramatic situations. It has many purposes, from reconnaissance to the more sinister, and is widely learned.

  • First Tier: +1 modifier on all rolls to conceal oneself, move silently, and avoid notice.
  • Second Tier: +1 modifier on all rolls to conceal oneself, move silently, and avoid notice.
  • Third Tier: +1 on all rolls to disguise oneself, remain still, hang from a window or ledge,blend in with a shadow, disappear into a crowd, and appear innocuous.
  • Fourth Tier: Automatic success on all stealth rolls against targets that are not specifically looking for steal