About the Game

PAX BRITANNICA is a role-playing game conceived and written by Matthew E. Abbott. It uses a system of dice-rolling utilizing two of the usual six-sided variety of die. The rolling system produces a realistic probability distribution resembling a normal curve whose mean is translated to appropriate values by modifiers for difficulty, character attributes, and learned skills.

Its setting is an alternate present in which many things once believed possible but since debunked are instead quite factual. Ghosts, faeries, surviving dinosaurs, and creatures of folklore roam the earth. Seances allow the living to speak with the dead. Exorcists battle with violent spirits. Artificial intelligence on a human level guides commonplace automatons. A vast supply of thermally dense peat provides limitless steam power.

The world is ruled by a decaying monarchy, stretched to its limits by the machinations of those who claim to be its servants. Scientists and spiritualists rub shoulders with thugs and mercenaries, and opportunities for adventure abound.

About the author

Matthew E. Abbott is a gentleman of many interests. He has, at various times, been a geophysicist, an event specialist, and a businessman but always finds a moment to devote to some creative endeavor. He is a longtime player of role-playing games both traditional and electronic, as well as an avid reader, an occasional writer, and an experienced outdoorsman. Above all else, he made PAX BRITANNICA and offers the rules to the public for free in the hope that you will enjoy them!

Any and all correspondence can be addressed to matt@paxbritannicarpg.com