Birth Traits

Birth Traits can’t be helped. It was not your character’s choice into what world they were born, and it is up to you, the player, to determine what situation makes for an interesting story. These traits impact your starting equipment, knowledge, and abilities, but do not represent what your character has chosen to make of themselves, rather, what they had given to them, be it goods, training, or experience.

You have 5 total points to distribute, in addition to those gained from your background. All traits range from one to four, and the meanings for each level are listed below. If you do not pick up a birth trait, it does not mean that you are unable to achieve the descriptions above your level. It only means that you did not start with them in your background, and thus have no knowledge of the skills involved at the outset of the adventure. You must earn anything you do not take as a birth trait on your own.


  1. You are familiar with a number of fields, and can discuss academics without making a fool of yourself.
  2. You excel in your studies, and are an expert in one field.
  3. You have a broad base of knowledge and expertise in several related fields.
  4. You are among the world’s most informed in your field of interest. +1 Intellect


  1. Your family has a house and can afford some little luxuries. Starting money: 150 pounds plus common goods.
  2. Your family is comfortable. The things you own are of good quality. Starting money: 500 pounds plus common goods of high quality.
  3. Your family is wealthy. Expensive items are available to you, and you may have acquired some rare goods, like a masterwork or a magical item. Starting money: 1,500 pounds plus fine goods and one rare item.
  4. You are stinking rich. You can start with any commonly acquirable item you desire, and your family lives in a massive mansion. Opulence pours from your custom-tailored apparel and onto your jewels. Starting money: 5,000 pounds plus any object the narrator allows you to have. +1 General Health


  1.  Your family is well-respected in your community.
  2. Your family is honored in your city.
  3. Your family is known throughout the country. You may have favors called in due to your name.
  4. Your family is a world-wide player. Your enemies and allies will be many and powerful. +1 Guile


  1. You know a guy who knows a guy.
  2. You know a guy.
  3. You are the guy.
  4. The guy knows you if he’s anybody. +1 Guile


  1. You have been outside of your town.
  2. You have been throughout your home country. You are familiar with disparate customs.
  3. You have been to a handful of countries. You probably know a second language.
  4. You have traveled the globe. You are familiar with many places, peoples, tongues, and customs. +1 Intellect


  1. You have a suspicion of the truth of spirits and magic.
  2. You have met a Mesmerist, Sorcerer, or spiritualist and been told some secrets.
  3. Your studies have provided you a significant understanding of ghosts and magic.
  4. You know which legends are true, which are false, and which are exaggerations. You are familiar with the names and characteristics of specific types of ghosts and legendary creatures. You have met and conversed with spirits, faeries, and the like. You have witnessed rituals and hypnotism. +1 Sensitivity

Hard Living

  1. You aren’t bothered by going without food for a few days.
  2. You are used to discomfort and disadvantage – sleep and food seem like luxuries.
  3. You aren’t distracted by pain.
  4. You are resistant to disease and and injury from your experience on the subject. +1 General Health


  1. You have been in some tight spots.
  2. You have gotten out of some tight spots unharmed.
  3. You are a tight spot.
  4. One first-tier skill in an unarmed fighting style. +1 Motor Skills


  1. You wouldn’t die if left alone in the woods for a week.
  2. You can get yourself out of the wilderness, if given the proper supplies.
  3. You can live indefinitely in the wilderness without outside help.
  4. You can live indefinitely in even the harshest places and while at significant disadvantage. +1 Drive