Character Creation

A character in the world of Pax Britannica must be judged, in part, by a numerical systemization of his or her characteristics. For the story-telling to maintain a solid standard that both the narrator and actors can grasp is vital for a collaborative effort at producing a dramatic story. To this end, a list of characteristics, and the means to assign them, will be provided. Do not allow the guidelines below to limit your creativity: they are a reference for what your character is and is not capable of, but ultimately no such system can be exhaustive, and the final judgment if any conflict arises shall reside with the narrator, who is responsible for keeping the narrative continuous and the group in agreement.

Before you begin assigning numerical characteristics to your character, think: who do you want this character to be? What are her desires? What is her background? Where was she born, and where is she going? What are her virtues? What are her flaws? Who knows her and who does she know? Now to the numerical quantification: first, a character must choose a background, then, with a new knowledge of a character’s history, assign birth traits.

Now, with knowledge of these, the malleable traits may be assigned. A character has now been taken from birth to adulthood, and must choose a profession. Then, the player decides exactly what abilities have been attained by their character. Next, some finishing is done, summing values to determine traits of the character, and the player adds some finishing touches by deciding on a description of the character’s appearance, their quirks, their flaws, and some notable traits that might set them apart in a crowd. All will influence both role playing and the Narrator’s ability to make a place for your character in the world.

Character Creation Summary

  1. Background
  2. Birth traits
  3. Malleable traits
  4. Profession
  5. Abilities
  6. Finishing