A character will accrue a number of useful items over the course of a story, and probably lose some along the way. Your characters starting equipment is determined by their wealth, but given a marketable skill, a mercenary attitude or a penchant for larceny wealth can be gained after the fact with relative ease.

Common Equipment

Common Equipment is equipment you can readily purchase on a small budget in your hometown. This varies somewhat by region, but is generally restricted to non-military weapons for any but enlisted men, and certainly does not include armor. Tools of all sort required for first-tier training are acceptable, though if you have a wealth score of zero they are stolen or scavenged. Your food is plain but nutritious, and your pencil is graphite wrapped in string.

High Quality Equipment

High-quality Equipment is common equipment made well. It is local, but it is of a higher degree of craftsmanship than the rank and file of its kind. This includes durable clothing, proper pencils, palatable food that keeps well, and, if so desired, leather sufficient to qualify as leather armor. You have access to a proper knife or other weapon of the kind a common person might defend themselves with in your region.

Fine Equipment

Fine Equipment is equipment made by master craftsmen. It is perfectly suited to its purpose, and may be imported from far-flung places. It includes all listed clothing, armor, and weapons except those specifically said to be rare. It also includes the materials necessary for the creation of any of the technological, magical, or alchemical creations within your price-range, but not inherently magical goods, which are, by definition, rare. Fine tools provide +1 on all rolls to use them for their purpose.

Rare Equipment

Rare Equipment includes the magical, the experimental, and the unique. Certain items have no match in this world — a limited run of custom six-guns, one of sixteen master-forged katana from Japan, or perhaps a jewel that holds an imprisoned spirit. These objects are difficult to obtain, and require both great wealth and great influence to acquire by anything but personal initiative. Rare equipment may have a magical enchantment placed upon it (as per Binding level three) or have a +2 roll modifier due to its exceptional quality.

Special Items

Special items may have unique affects or abilities, and are to be adjudicated solely by the Narrator, with the following guideline: if it is significantly better than a character using a first-tier skill, it should come with a commensurate drawback. For instance, perhaps the noble Smithfield family has acquired the Serpent Ring of sekh-Malaa, which, once per lunar month, may call forth a deadly serpent of congealed shadow, fifteen feet long and two feet in diameter. The phantom may be ordered to assassinate a single person. It is thus far unfailing in the undertaking of its tasks, but for every assassination it also claims the life of a close ally of the invoker who called it forth. Strong magic is dark magic, and dangerous besides. If it were not, it would be as commonplace as dirigibles.

Equipment Categories

Equipment listings are presented in the following categories:

  1. Profession equipment
  2. Armor
  3. Weapons
  4. Magical items
  5. Herbs
  6. Alchemical concoctions
  7. Technological marvels
  8. Other equipment