Alchemical Concoctions

Alchemical Concoctions are made by brewing and other processes to convert herbs and some other substances into substances of great usefulness.


Potions are liquids made from brewed and liquified ingredients. They are the bulk of work called for in an alchemist’s shop, due to their ease of transport and use.

Dr. Herbert’s Invigorator

Increases all Body scores by two for one hour starting 15 minutes after drinking, extra doses don’t work for two hours after first consuming.

  • Materials: Requires many common Voynichian herbs of -1 difficulty to acquire and £100 per dose.
  • Creation: 2 hours to prepare and a roll at -2.


The Elixir of Life

Reduces all Body scores to an effective one, crippling the drinker, and reduce all Spirit and Mind scores by 1. However, natural death will not come for ten years.

  • Materials: Requires myriad common Voynichian herbs of -7 difficulty to acquire and £100,000 of other materials.
  • Creation: Takes one month to brew, with a roll at -5 being passed every day during the process or the entire batch is ruined. Success yields 2 teaspoons (one dose).


Green Glowing Acid

Unlike normal acid, the bitter Voynichian herbs (difficulty -2 to locate) included cause luminescence and great potency. Apart from destroying any substance, even metal, that it contacts that is not specially prepared glass, the green glowing acid deals 4 damage levels of melting to any organic creature caught in a splash.

  • Materials: A one-liter preparation sufficient to deal 4 damage and/or melt six pounds of material costs £1100.
  • Creation: Requires 12 hours to prepare and a roll at -4.


Vial of Health

These helpful cordials restore one damage level immediately on use, but incur a resistance that lasts six hours due to the strange way it is metabolized and the interactions among the ingredients.

  • Materials: The materials include Voynichian herbs of difficulty -0 to locate and £450 of other ingredients.
  • Creation: Requires 24 hours and an intellect roll at -2 to brew a batch of 10.


Poisons are a variety of compounds that are deadly and dangerous. They are not available commercially, for obvious reasons, but they do not require any Voynichian herbs or even much in the way of alchemical skill. We are but fragile creatures, and many things should not be imbibed.


Dusk Dust

Dusk dust is a powdered concoction of hot pepper, slippery elm bark, and several trade secrets that, when thrown with sufficient force or sprayed, fills a cubic foot of air with a stinging, blinding cloud. The cloud disperses quickly, but any eyes caught in the cloud are blinded for four hours unless a general health roll at -4 is passed. A doctor can cure the affliction given ten minutes, fresh water, olive oil, and a few drops of vinegar.

  • Materials: The ingredients cost £20, and require no more than a common herbalist, or a combination of a source for health foods and spices.
  • Creation: The crafting takes one hour and an intelligence roll at -1. Failure causes the would-be creator to take a charge in the face.



Regicide is a poison that causes death twenty-four hours after being consumed. It must be slipped into the target’s digestive tract, generally by mixing with food. The general health check to resist death is taken at -5. The Regicide is odorless, but tastes slightly of licorice and can be noticed before the twenty-four hours elapses because it causes a purple discoloration of the tongue four hours before the metabolic process finishes.

  • Materials: The ingredients require gathering or gardening, or £35 on the black market.
  • Creation: The crafting requires one hour and an intelligence roll at -1.


Sickening Balm

Sickening balm is popular among assassins for its ability to be smeared on a blade, but it functions just as well smeared on the inside of a cup. To take effect, it must come into contact with either blood or mucus membranes, so only a weapon that draws blood or transport into the mouth or nose through food or fluid will cause it to activate. Immediately upon exposure (same round) the target must pass a general health check at -7 or suffer blurred vision, clouded thought, loss of coordination, fatigue and slowed reflexes. In game mechanics, this translates to a -2 difficulty modifier to all rolls for 2 hours or until treated by a doctor, which requires 10 minutes.

  • Materials: The crafting requires access to some filth, some gelatin, a stockpot, and a variety of common herbs, which are trade secrets, though the smell indicates that nutmeg is involved. The ingredients cost £25.
  • Creation: The crafting requires an intelligence roll at +1 and one hour.


Another major function of the alchemist is to concoct chemical means of providing energy to the inventions of other engineers. To this end, both combustible petroleum brews and voltaic cells are the purview of the alchemist.

Deep Black Special Reserve Combustible

Deep Black Special Reserve Combustible is a fuel which gives combustion engineering devices a +2 effect but +2 damage on explosion.

  • Materials: It is made from ingredients costing £65.
  • Creation: This concoction takes four hours to carefully mix over heat, and requires an intellect roll at -3 to make which, if failed, results in a 7-damage explosion that destroys the lab. Yields 3 rocketeering pack charges, or the equivalent fuel duration of one quarter of a peat pellet for modified equipment, per batch. This corresponds to five gallons of fluid.



Voltaic Cells

Used by Electrical Engineers.

  • Materials: Voltaic cell materials cost £60.
  • Creation: They are made with an intellect roll at -1, and two hours of crafting time.