Magical Items

Magical Items are items powered by mysterious means, generally understood only by the spiritual sciences, if that. Inherently magical goods are still quite mysterious, though their use is now known.

Inherently Magical Goods

Inherently magical goods like powdered fire (ignites when it touches air, made in Cathay and placed in air-tight glass vials surrounded by oil inside of another glass container, covered in leather.) or a bezoar (grants immunity to poison if swallowed, at the cost of -1 general health until regurgitated) are the rarest of rare items. They cannot be acquired with simple money, and often require that something less replaceable is paid, like twenty healthy years from one’s life paid to a sorcerer in exchange for a necklace that grants complete resistance to harm from cold temperatures. The Narrator has the first and last say in what a player’s character encounters in an adventure.


Binding allows enchanted items to be rare but not unattainable. The description of the effects of enchantment are in the Binding heading of the Abilities section, listed previously. Other bindings may power machinery or be used as defense. One minor spirit element can power a watch for 100 years, ten can propel a laden bicycle, 100 can power an Automaton.

Dealing Damage Through Binding Minor spirits may be used to deal one damage when released from their binding to an object in a burst of spiritual force, which is rolled as a drive- modified attack roll. This spiritual attack has a maximum range of 100 feet, and cannot be dodged except by those able to see the spirit using Spiritualism. This takes one full round.

Minor elements can be held in any small object for storage, but cut semi-precious gemstones are often favored for their ease of concealment and their attractive appearance. Major elements released from a binding deal two damage, and give a +3 modifier to the attack roll, due to it being low difficulty for a major spirit element to find its target thanks to remnants of sentience.

Crafted Items Binding checks for various crafted items are listed, and are willpower-based.


Watch Driver

Never wind up that watch again! Useful in clockwork constructs. Bound to a gear of any size.

  • Modifier: 0.
  • Requires: One minor element for a small gear, four for a large one (like the kind in a drive shaft).
  • Crafting Time: One hour per element used.



Magic Eye

Allows you to see wherever it points, must be within 5 feet of you to function. A small glass globe, like a marble, must be enchanted for this effect.

  • Modifier: 0.
  • Requires: One minor element.
  • Crafting Time: Four hours.



Spirit Piston

Provides short-duration force equivalent to 5 fast-twitch musculature. Useful in automata and powered tools.

  • Modifier: -2.
  • Requires: Two minor elements. To construct a human-like arm, six pistons are required. A grasper requires at least two. A human-like leg and foot requires 10.
  • Crafting Time: Four hours.



Increases the difficulty of ranged attack rolls made against the bearer of the stone by -3.

  • Modifier: -7.
  • Requires: A fist-sized crystal of unpolished quartz.
  • Crafting Time: 24 hours.


Gem of Vengeful Souls

If the roll is failed, take 3 damage levels from the attacks of angry spirits. Upon your psychic command (successful roll of drive vs. target’s discipline) the claws of vengeful spirits extend up to ten feet from the gem wherein you have them imprisoned, and rake your target for three damage levels. This action takes one round, but may only be used once each day per gem. You may have up to five gems, but for each gem you carry you take a -1 modifier on all spirit rolls. The church believes these devices to be pure evil, and thus they will be seen only in the hands of arch-witches and Illuminati.

  • Modifier: -7.
  • Requires: A perfect gem of at least 15 Karats.
  • Crafting Time: 48 hours.



Transmutation produces raw materials of unusually high quality by manipulating substances on an atomic level. Transmutation makes the dense more dense, the hard more hard, the flexible more flexible, etc. All devices made from transmuted materials function with a +1 modifier to all rolls. Sharp weapons made from transmuted materials ignore 1 armor. Transmuted metal-tipped bullets ignore 1 armor.