Malleable Traits

Malleable Traits are set by a character’s advancement of them. There is some interaction with birth traits, but the heights to which a character can rise are limited only by their perseverance and ambition. You start by placing all birth trait bonuses, if applicable,then spending a total of eight points each in Body, Spirit, and Mind, then an additional four points distributed among any individual traits as desired. No score may be left at zero. Malleable traits go from one to five, but may later be increased temporarily by various means, such as advanced alchemical science or strong magic.

Whenever an action is taken, the player controlling the character performing the action: rolls two six-sided dice, and then adds the value of one appropriate malleable trait and then applies all bonuses provided by other means, such as magic, mechanical advantage, or special training. If two malleable traits could reasonably be used to perform the action, take the higher value as the one used to increase the roll. The definition of ”reasonably” is entirely the narrator’s to decide, though input from the actors is important as well. If a player believes the character can use guile to guess an enemy’s intentions rather than sensitivity, there had better be an explanation that fits the situation.


Fast-Twitch Musculature

The muscles that allow for quick movement.
Adds bonus to: sprinting, melee attacks, leaping, throwing, dodging.

Slow-Twitch Musculature

The muscles that allow for sustained movement.
Adds bonus to: carrying, dragging, marathon running, outlasting an opponent, grappling, lifting, climbing.

General Health

Representative of immune health, bone density, etc.
Adds bonus to: resisting disease, resisting poison, not breaking a bone.


Physical proportions are pleasing to the eye when good, and not when bad. The absence of pock- marks on the skin and a well-proportioned figure make one more attractive.
Adds bonus to: seduction, persuasion, ingratiation, intimidation.



The ability to push oneself, to act as one desires and shape one’s own destiny.
Adds bonus to: attempts at paranormal effects, any one roll per point each day.


Desire, passion, rage a torrent of raw emotion that pushes one to excel, succeed, and dominate.
Adds bonus to: berserk attacks, emotionally-driven spiritualism abilities, emotionally-charged actions, intimidation, leadership.


The ability to control oneself.
Adds bonus to: resisting urges, resisting mind-altering effects, ignoring pain, controlling negative consequences of paranormal effects.


The ability to sense others’ emotions and be open to extrasensory stimulus empathy, to say it succinctly.
Adds bonus to: intuiting another’s emotions, detecting paranormal presences, guessing another’s desires, resisting lies.



The academic intelligence of the mind.
Adds bonus to: science, crafting, alchemy, engineering.


The ability to trick, to deceive, to outwit.
Adds bonus to: bluff, lie, feint, mislead, haggle, persuade, convince, impress, and smooth-talk.


The ability to notice details of one’s surroundings, and representative of sensory acuity.
Adds bonus to: spot, search, listen, smell, taste, notice, find weakness.

Motor Skills

The ability to coordinate one’s actions and apply fine manipulation.
Adds bonus to: lockpicking, crafting, finesse moves with weapons, aiming, parrying, rolling.