Profession is a facet of your character’s life that describes their training prior to entering the story arc. This is a limiting factor on their starting knowledge, but if you realize now that you have created a character with one intellect who lived as a Criminal enforcer and desire later in the game that your character learn alchemy, you will be able to do so, albeit more effort will be required than for a character who has studied other academic disciplines thus far. A short list of professions, and the abilities they impart, are listed below. This list is by no means exhaustive, and if you wish to begin with another profession, feel free to work with the Narrator to develop a starting package for your character other than those listed. To see the full descriptions of these abilities, you must go to the section aptly titled Abilities.


Having spent your young life in college, among books, learning knowledge both general and applied, you have an excellent, broad-based education. You begin play with first-tier skill in Knowledge, allowing you to call upon your reading to recall facts germane to nearly any situation at hand. You also have an academic specialty, which is first-tier skill in any Mind or Spirit ability.



Years huddled over mortar and pestle and in the laboratory over smoking beakers, waving rods of noble metal, have provided you with a grasp of chemistry and alchemy, represented by first-tier skill in Alchemy and Transmutation.




You have learned the methods of brewing and concocting potent extracts and potions, for use in mechanical, medical, and scientific endeavors. First-tier skill in Alchemy and Herbalism.

Combustion Engineer

You are a fringe scientist. Working in a poorly-funded lab, you have concocted devices that would amaze the world… if you could only get its attention. You have first-tier skill in Combustion Engineering and Alchemy, to make the machines and the fuel, respectively.


You live by your wits and others’ money. From the graft man to the enforcer to the crime boss, all of your ilk have learned a few basic skills in common. You begin with one tier in Larceny and one tier in either Stealth, Persuasion, Street Fighting, or Leadership.



Your skill in the medical arts is used to save lives. Voynichian herbs have made great advances in the field. First-tier skill in Herbalism and Medicine.


Electrical Engineer

In the proud tradition of Tesla, you have studied the workings of electricity and its applications. You begin with first-tier skill in Electrical Engineering and first-tier skill in either Alchemy or Binding as a means to produce current.



On the lowest rung of society, you took work where you could find it. Perhaps a farmer, or a janitor, or an assembly-line worker, or a ranch hand, or a peat cutter you developed no lasting skills from your employment per se. However, your hardship has inured you to long hours and strain, granting first-tier skill in Endurance and first-tier skill in Obedience.




You bring criminals to justice, for pay, for bounty the details depend largely on the area and means of operation. You begin with first-tier skill in Investigation and one Martial skill.


A member of the merchant class, you were perhaps a salesman, perhaps a manager, perhaps a foreman, perhaps, even, a cattle baron. You have first-tier skill in Business from your experience, and first-tier skill in either Leadership or Persuasion, as appropriate to your position.


A student in the schools of Mesmerism, you have developed first-tier skill in the self-same discipline, as well as first-tier skill in one other Spirit ability


A guard, a warrior, a rebel, a mercenary, an infantryman, and officer all are covered by the profession of Soldiery. Soldiers gain one first-tier Martial ability, and first-tier skill in either Obedience or, for officers, Leadership.



You were perhaps an exorcist’s apprentice or a medium. You have developed first-tier skill in Spiritualism and either Investigation if a ghost hunter, or Binding if a witch or medium.



More than ever, organizations from the Empire to the Jesuits to the Governors and governments of the world have need of inside information. You are an expert in acquiring it and have lived by its sale. You have first-tier skill in either Stealth or Persuasion, and first-tier skill in Investigation.


Steam Engineer

Working as a developer or manufacturer of machinery, you are familiar with modern steam mechanisms. You have learned first-tier skill in Steam Engineering and first-tier skill in Clockwork, to produce the complex gearing mechanisms used to drive steam devices.