Your character has 8 damage levels of resilience which represent the integrity of your character’s system.

Taking Damage

If reduced to 4 damage levels, you apply a -1 modifier to all rolls. If reduced to 2 damage levels, you take a -2 modifier to all rolls. If reduced to 1 damage level, you are barely conscious, and you take a -3 modifier on all rolls in addition to staggering and swaying – you move at half speed while in this state and are unable to make melee attacks, dodge, climb, or run unless you pass a drive or discipline roll.

Recovering Health

Every day you recover 1 damage level if left to tend to yourself for at least six hours. A trained medic can better tend wounds, and given six hours will grant recovery of 3 damage levels. Any structural damage to your body, such as broken or severed limbs, pierced organs, etc., must be tended by a trained medic, as detailed in the medicine ability. Any city of significant size will contain a hospital, and some towns host clinics or private physicians, at which the services of a medic can be hired.

While prices vary, expect to pay at least 100 pounds for resetting a limb and at least 1000 pounds for major surgery. Routine care may run as cheap as 15 pounds per two-hour appointment, though hospitals will generally charge more to discourage minor injuries from taking up hospital time.

You may gain additional damage levels through progression in endurance and bulk training, or from some other sources. These gains are applied to your maximum resilience, allowing you to naturally recover to the higher level.